Balancing Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberries are blood-tonic, brain-tonic, natural elixirs that prevent against the risk of many major chronic illnesses and support overall health. The phytochemicals and flavonoids in blueberries support the vascular system (your network of blood vessels) reducing levels of inflammation in the blood, keeping your system cool and balanced. [1] For the brain, there is nothing like the blueberry. They sharpen focus, improve short-term memory, protect brain cells, and may even prevent the risk of mental illness. [2

With the peak of the crop from May to August, now is the time to fill up on beautiful blueberries.

Try making the Balancing Blueberry Smoothie to receive the many health benefits of this wonderful fruit. I have found it to increase my energy level in bounds! It is also very fun to make and to share.


  • 6 oz organic blueberries
  • 1/2 papaya
  • 1 healthy handful spinach
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk (or coconut water)
  •  1 pinch of cardamom (optional)


Rinse blueberries in a strainer and set aside to air dry. Slice papaya in half from top to bottom and peel one half. Scoop out seeds and chop into big chunks. (Tip: Save seeds in refrigerator and sprinkle on salads for a digestion supporting crunchy topping.) Load washed spinach into blender, add in blueberries, papaya, coconut milk, and just a sprinkle of cardamom.

Cardamom is a spice useful in treating congestion, inflation, and digestive issues that compliments the flavor of blueberries. [3] It is strong, so if you choose to include it, all you need is a light pinch.

This smoothie is quite thick, so if you are looking for something thinner, substitute the coconut milk with coconut water or just fresh, filtered water.