Easy Eggplant and Sweet Potato Casserole

Although spring is coming, winter nights can still be downright cold, and that calls for satisfying baked dishes. Enter our yummy friends, eggplant and sweet potato, veggies that bake easily with complimentary flavors (the eggplant is subtle, and the sweet potato, well, sweet!). Seasoned well and heated in a casserole dish, you will find this recipe to be simple, tasty, and just what you were craving.

Sweet potatoes are a very nutritious super food. A dietary survey found that Papua New Guinea highlanders consuming a diet where 90% of calories came from sweet potatoes had no evidence of malnutrition or heart disease. So while a diet diverse in leafy greens and vegetables is ideal for complete nutrition, when it's not possible to be fully stocked up on everything, just be sure to have these nutritional powerhouses on hand!

And eggplant is a good choice too, as it is high in fiber and is antiangiogenic, which means it can inhibit the formation of cancer. It contains chlorogenic acid, which can help lower blood cholesterol levels.

To make your own Eggplant and Sweet Potato Casserole dish, first pull together the following.


Use a glass casserole dish with a lid. Pour in 1/4 cup of vegetable broth. Chop sweet potatoes and eggplants into 1/2 inch rings. Layer them into your casserole dish in rows, as if you were making a lasagna, starting with the sweet potato first. Season the top layer generously with herbs de provence, then pour over the tamari and the rest of the vegetable broth.  Bake on 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes.  

For an extra hardy meal, serve over gluten-free pasta, quinoa, millet, or brown rice.