Give Your Instagram Account a Plant-Based Makeover

Instagram, the mobile app for sharing photos and making friends, is also a good place to drool over food pics. By showing us delightful dishes, food experts are doing more than just making us hungry, they are utilizing Instagram as platform for educating others about food, including where it comes from, what is in it, and why we should care. Following the right content on Instagram provides daily inspiration along with valuable information. This guide is intended to give your Instagram feed a makeover to help draw your eyes to some of the best accounts for plant-based motivation.

Here are my favorite accounts that I suggest you follow:

11. My Vibrant Soul

With breath-taking images and bright colors galore, this account can really get you excited about the beauty of whole, plant foods. The tag "nourish your soul with the vibrancy nature," provides inspiration for those turning to food to increase energy and vitality. Often featuring fruits and well-organized bowls, the account strikes a good balance of uniformity and creativity that will certainly lift your mood.

10. Farmigo

The first step in eating amazing, healthy foods is to find some! Farmigo helps connect people to local farmers. So you find the best in agriculture, while supporting your community, which is a huge step forward for making the food system more sustainable. Using the service will help you to bypass the grocery store and eat more whole, fresh foods. Farmigo on Instagram will remind you that whole, plant-based foods comes from the earth through care by our own hands. Focus on ethics and compassion when shopping for food, and be the change!

9. Fully Raw Kristina

For the best in bright foods and sunshine, follow Fully Raw Kristina.  Kristina is a warm, cheery, inspirational young woman in fantastic health. She is the founder of the largest organic produce co-op in the US, which is based in Houston, TX, and is a leader in raw foods. Her recipes are creative, fun, and involve no cooking. Lively instructional videos have made her a YouTube sensation. 

8. Naked Food Magazine

Relax, Naked Food has nothing to do with pornography. It's NAKED as in the New American Kind & Enlightened Diet, which one day I hope takes the place of the Standard American Diet (or SAD, ironic, right?). It is a magazine for the plant-based diet, featuring articles on topics like food, healing, raising plant-based families, plant-based celebrities, and research studies. It's incredible and having it in your Instagram feed will remind you of the great breath of the plant-based community. You are not alone.

7. Gardens for Health

To show your gratitude for the bounty of food and food options in America, follow and support the work of Gardens for Health, a nonprofit working to solve the issue of childhood malnutrition around the world. As they see it, agriculture is key to fight malnutrition and drive health. By providing agricultural support and health education through partnerships with health centers in Rwanda, Gardens for Health is making it possible for healthy foods to be grown and eaten locally. In this country, we have plenty of food but, for real inspiration, think of life without access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and you'll be even more thankful. Spread the health.

6. Oh She Glows

Angela Liddon is a fellow blogger about plant-based foods, founding the blog, Oh She Glows, and is the author of two cookbooks. Her journey to health is inspiring as she found that food can be transformative to one's whole life. As a businesswoman, she has built an admirable brand, along the way helping many to regain control of their health and happiness. With probably the best in healthy baking ideas, your mouth will water following Oh She Glows on Instagram. 

5. Deliciously Ella

I met Ella Woodward in New York this winter as she was celebrating week 9 of being #1 in books on Amazon UK for the book, named after her popular blog, Deliciously Ella. As of the day I write this post, I see she is now #4 with 168 days in the top 100. That's ridiculously impressive for a self-taught food blogger, just blogging over two years, in the UK no less, which I hear is quite set on "meat and potatoes." She was psyched to be in New York, home of Juice Press, Organic Avenue, and HuKitchen. Nonetheless, she conquered a rare health condition while doing it and is more vital than ever. Follow Ella and you'll see why people love her. She is a great photographer, with a lovely personal style, and keeps it simple, easy, and elegant. 

4. Happy Herbivore

The Happy Herbivore, aka Lindsay Nixon, has written numerous books on plant-based living. Her Instagram account has many great food shots, but also follows her life, depicting motivation, pets, travel, and yoga instructional videos. As a meal planner, she has many success stories from clients that fought illness and lost weight on the plant-based diet. Certainly worth checking out.

3. Engine 2 Diet

Proving that you need nothing more than plant-based protein to be an athlete, former triathlete and firefighter, Rip Esselstyn, founded the Engine 2 Diet and is an advocate for nutrition-dense foods. Following the work of his father, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a famous heart surgeon who reversed heart disease in numerous patients using a whole food, plant-based diet, and influenced Bill Clinton to adopt his current plant-based diet, Rip has really empowered people to go "plant strong." Rip is amazing. He is in excellent shape (can climb UP the fire pole) and rescued the health of this fellow firefighters. He is a hero, so keep an eye on him and his line at Whole Foods.

2. Forks Over Knives

The documentary, Forks Over Knives, is a life-changing film that really started a revolution. It taught us that there is a real way, backed with concrete scientific evidence from the best in medicine and nutrition, that we can all take the power back from illnesses that ruin quality of life. We do this by rejecting animal-based and processed foods, and eating whole, plant-based foods. From that film, Forks Over Knives, a community and brand that people trust for health information has grown -- not influenced by the commercial, meat, and dairy industries (that muddy the health information we receive based on want of capital gain). Find FOK on Instragram and discover a network of plant-based enthusiasts. 

1. Forkful of Love

Hey look, it's us! Follow Forkful of Love on Instagram for all of the best from your favorite health bloggers, the adorable and fun mother/daughter team of Janet and Lacey Althouse! We have delicious recipes, teaching you all about the great nutritional power of plant-based foods, as well as helpful guides and inspirational family stories. Scouring the internet for the best health information, our work is reliable and full of heart. Follow us on our journey, and play along using #theforkfulway to show us how you are living plant-based. We can't wait to connect with you!