What We Learned at the NYC Veg Food Fest (+ Photo Gallery!)

Last weekend, we attended the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival. It's a weekend of speakers, workshops, entertainment, and vendors all focused on the rising vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, and eco-friendly markets. Here is what we learned and saw:

There are a lot of vegans!

Behind a half avenue and almost a full block of people, we found our place in line. There are a lot of vegans in this city! The rooms were crowed and the sessions were standing room only. More and more people are interested, motivated, and even cured by the movement. It's an exciting time to be plant-based!

Smart people are involved 

The speakers at this event were doctors, scientists, business owners, authors, advocates, nutritionists, members of the media, filmmakers, and TV stars, producing some of the best thoughts and ideas around human health and existence, and insights around the future. Every talk we saw was extremely eye-opening, well supported, and polished. 

Vegan food is tasty

We sampled treats from all sorts of awesome veggiepreneurs doing amazing, delicious things with health food. The vendor hall was packed. There are so many companies out there coming up with innovated solutions to eating healthy in a modern world.

A like-minded crowd is a breath of fresh air

Most of the time, I feel like I have a really supportive network who gets it. However, veg fest speakers, as well as others there I'm sure, have had to be ready to field all of the usual questions and stigmas around veganism. A lot of the popular information out there on nutrition is really out-of-date. Sometimes I feel like I have a wall to climb to get people up-to-speed. It was a nice change to feel so at home.

Food events make for great photos

Very happy to have attended with my co-blogger and mom, Janet. It was Mother's Day weekend! My dad, Adam, was there and so was my partner, Scott. Here is our event album. Enjoy!

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