When I Tell People I Eat a PLANT-BASED DIET, They Say… "I Could Never Eat That Way!"

Lifestyle Changes Don't Happen Overnight

We can be very reluctant to change – especially changing something we have done a certain way forever. But, when you read and study about the relationship between disease and nutrition, you can’t image why we would eat so unhealthy, potentially putting our health and longevity at such risk. Not only OUR health is at risk, it is a family thing. We are all in this together.



"You don’t eat meat? Where do you get your protein?"


"I get my protein from plants." 

In Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live, he says, “Which has more protein, oatmeal, ham, or a tomato? The answer is that they all have about the same amount of protein per calorie. The difference is, the tomato and the oatmeal are packaged with fiber and other disease-fighting nutrients, and the ham is package with cholesterol and saturated fat.”

So do you want to eat fiber and disease-fighting nutrients or cholesterol and saturated fat?

According to Dr. Fuhrman’s research, animal protein consumption is linked to heart disease and many cancers.

If you get Creative you Can Create Hundreds of Salad Combinations to Keep Things Fresh


"You don’t eat dairy? Where do you get your calcium?"


"I get my calcium from plants."

In Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live, he says, “Dairy is best kept to a minimum…there is a strong association between dairy lactose and ischemic heart disease…there is a clear association between milk consumption and bladder, prostate, colorectal, and testicular cancers.”

Calcium in 100 calories of: 

  • Bok choy  775
  • Tofu  685
  • Kale  257
  • Romaine lettuce  194
  • Milk  189
  • Broccoli  114
  • Carrots  81
  • Cauliflower  70
  • Flaxseeds  48
  • Eggs  32

At one time, I also thought I needed to eat meat for protein and milk for calcium, until my daughter, Lacey, opened my eyes. And, she didn’t just tell me, she bought me books to read. She passed her passion for good health and healing our bodies through nutrition to me, and I’m very thankful to her. I truly feel healthier and more youthful. Change is difficult and takes time, but I think you will find this change worth it for yourself and your entire family.