Restaurant Review: Karma Road

Imagine autumn -- a beautiful time of year. I wanted to savor it all, so I planned a weekend get-a-way out of the city to look at the fall foliage. Traveling, with a limited diet, can be difficult. It is important to plan ahead, but even then sometimes you just luck out. I was just about to get hungry when my boyfriend found a vegan restaurant near the resort we had booked for hiking and tree ogling. 

It is called Karma Road located in New Paltz, NY and, may I say, it is a perfect stop for all of your veggie cravings.

Check out this warming, veggie soup, and see some other shoots from their lovely, simplistic, cafe.

A sign on their menu caught my eye, "Get your coconuts, while they are young!"  I will!

The tiles were painted with fruit and veggies like pears and eggplants. I need this for my backsplash, please!

His and Hers smoothie delights!

This is the Tempeh BLT Sandwich. Tempeh is the substitute B, a fully plant-based option. It is made of soybeans that combine together into a patty form through a fermentation process. L and T are still present. I try to avoid oils at all times and this sandwich uses a vegan mayonnaise product, which I wish I would have eliminated. The bread is sprouted, but not gluten free, but did not upset my stomach. Now that I know more of what to expect, I bet the restaurant would help me with substitutions if I were to order this in the future.

I do not strive for perfection in eating, especially when traveling, but I do strive for improvement. There was some oil and gluten in my order, but it is a long way from a Big Mac! Traveling is difficult and temptation is difficult. I am learning to take note of how my body feels after each meal. It actually feels good to find that something is no longer for me. It demonstrates how much cleaner my diet is becoming!

We went back the next day and I had a huge salad with avocado, which was completely whole and simple. All meals stellar. Thank you, Karma Road!