Perfect Peach Summer Soup

In Pennsylvania right now Peaches are perfect! I bought these peaches at Cherry Hill Orchards in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

A truly ripe peach is a bag of syrup ready to burst.

This a quote from Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit -- An Illustrated Encyclopedia. This is the ultimate book about fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Every page is filled with many beautiful pictures of each plant with growing, harvesting, and storing information, and also includes notes on pests and diseases, medicinal uses, and recipes. I am always referring to this book. It is packed with helpful information. This is one of my most favorite books. It also makes an interesting tabletop book. Others will love looking through all the dazzling, delicious pictures.

Peach Soup Recipe -- Serve it Cold!

  • 5 big peaches (peeled, pitted, and sliced)
  • 1 cup cold almond, coconut, or soy milk
  • Squeeze of orange or lemon


  1. Put in blender or food processor and mix or pulse until smooth.
  2. Cover and chill in refrigerator for at least an hour. Can be served in bowl, a cup or dessert glass.
  3. Fun summer side to serve on a hot day for lunch with friends along with a salad and/or sandwich or wrap. Kids will especially love this!

Or, just cut up one of these juicy, ripe peaches and pour almond milk over it!

If you see a sign that says, Please Don't Squeeze the Peaches, it is because the minute a peach has a bruise, it starts deteriorating. The best peach is a ripe peach and that is why the peaches at Cherry Hill Orchards are so delicious. They pick them when they are ripe.

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